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Based in Chandigarh, Aman Sidhu is a wedding photographer and cinematographer who has devoted 10 years for his passion and values working closely with his clients. Apart from being a renowned wedding photographer, he did portfolios for many famous singers, like Rupinder Handa, Sunny Cheema and some other modelling aspirants. He also shot promotional posters for notable movies.

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 T. (91) 988 823 8352

Email. amansidhuphotography@gmail.com

Our Services

Wedding Photography

We first understand then plan and then create and portray your wedding story!

Gone are the days when wedding photography was limited to boring staged pictures for the just documentation of the wedding. Now time has come to add spark to it and that is done with candid photography which makes pictures lively and natural.

Candid photography

We Help You To Preserve Your Memories!

Today’s world is the world of candid photography. Candid photography is all about capturing the spontaneity of the moment.  Advancement of anything adds perfection to anything. Such is the case with our candid photography services.

Fashion photography

Fashion Photography has been there since ages. Fashion photography aims to display latest trends of clothes and fashion. We love to share fashion ideas with the help of fashion photography the clients who are in the business of fashion clothes and items, we help them to enhance their business with the help of our photos. `

What People Say

Manpreet Kaur
Thanks Amansidhu for making our wedding moments eternal! We love the way your work. You went beyond our expectations! Just love your work and photography style…..
Tavleen Bajaj
We were looking for a photographer who can make our moments not only memorable but eternal too. Amansidhu did it for us! With unmatched effects and techniques, Amansidhu is the no doubt best photographer based in Chandigarh. We loved his work and recommend others to avail his services!
Glory Khanna Singh
Photography is something we all are crazy about these days. We cannot compromise whenever the matter of getting clicked comes. But when excellence is sought in photography, Amansidhu is the name that stands apart amongst all. We are really impressed with his works. He has become our family photographer now!